21st Century Schools

Video conferencing has changed the ways of traditional education. The popularity of 21st century schools continues to rise, despite budget cuts and less educational funding. Video conferencing allows students to take virtual field trips, collaborate with students in different locations, and increases learning opportunities without restrictions of time, money and transportation. By utilizing video conferencing, schools are expanding the depths of education. With video conferencing, students are capable of:

Virtual Field Trips- Field trips can be a nightmare- from the preparation, buses, food and making sure kids don’t wander, or break anything. Virtual field trips keep students excited to learn and see new things in the convenience of the classroom. Field trips are no longer confined due to location, students will be able to explore and learn all over the world, without leaving the classroom.

Student Collaboration- Classrooms from different locations can collaborate together to introduce new ideas and new ways of learning. Connecting students from different areas allows them to receive different views on topics, but encourages them to work together.

Learning Opportunities- Distance learning is vital for schools in over-populated or rural areas. This allows children to learn at levels that are not limited due to cut courses and reduced funding. Teachers would be able to instruct classes over video conferencing, instead of long distance commuting.


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