A technical note about audio

Humans speech audio range is from 200 Hertz to 14k Hertz 

Did you know that  a POTS telephone system only transmits sounds from 300 Hertz to 7k Hertz? The end all is you are losing sound at the bottom and top end of voice frequencies, hence miscommunication.

An example of an old pots system,  I would answer the phone as Dave, on the pots system 9 out of 10 persons heard my name as  Steve. Why? the pots systems lost the low and high end of vowel and consonant sounds which in turn caused me to repeat myself time after time. 

Have you found yourself having to do that or asking the other party to repeat what they just said? It can be embarrassing especially when the person you are talking to  thinks you are not listening to them. 

VOIP technology, crystal clear HD voice with  Soundstation and Soundpoint products. Interested in hearing more? info@spacecoastav.com


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