Introduction to Room Lighting for Video Conferencing


Designing Room Lighting For Videoconferencing

While the ultimate goal in videoconferencing is good interactivity between near- and far-end rooms, one common lighting design problem can be summed up in a question that’s remained constant throughout the evolution of videoconferencing technology: How can you provide good, comfortable lighting to optimize the camera and video codec operation in an architectural environment rather than in a studio? Although it’s a fairly simple question, the answer can be quite complicated.

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Lighting for Your House of Worship

Lighting FixturesImage

Lighting fixture types and sizes will be determined by their intended use and placement. From there, you will calculate how many channels of control your system requires and the total Wattage for those channels. In other words, how many lighting fixtures are needed and what is their total wattage?

Dimmer System

The next step would be to choose your style of dimmer system. The dimmers provide control over the lighting fixtures. The dimmers are given instructions from the main lighting console, as well as architectural and remote lighting stations. You will select your dimmer capacity and quantities based on the numbers you calculated from the fixture count and wattages. How many lights or channels are needed and what is the wattage for those channels? If you have twenty-four lights you would like to dim individually, that will require twenty-four dimmable channels. You can always choose a larger amount of channels for future growth of your facility.

Control System

The last step in designing a lighting system is selecting a control console and architectural remote stations. The main control console is the product that communicates with the dimmers sending your commands to control the light’s intensity. To decide which console is right for your application, you will need to look at the number of dimmed channels or lights. The same concept used when selecting the dimmers applies here. If you have twenty-four lights you would like to individually dim, you will require, at a minimum, a twenty-four channel console. Again, you can always choose a controller with more channels for future growth of your facility.


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Healthcare AV

Telemedicine uses video conferencing technologies and electronic communications to allow patients at one site to have a visit with a provider at a different site. Sometimes the distance is a few miles – other times telemedicine connects patients and providers that are 1000’s of miles apart.

Medical resources can be available immediately which can result in better healthcare results.

Hospitals and doctors’ offices have their own unique communications challenges, but deploying digital signage can help them overcome the tedious check-in process and other patient troubles, such as navigating the building.
Learn how digital signage technology can be utilized in your Healthcare facility, including: Community Outreach, Healthcare Education Workshops and the Reduction of perceived wait times.