Where back with the Yamaha question of the day!

Where back with the Yamaha question of the day!
We bought the Yamaha receiver not only for HD Radio and Home Theater features, because it has Network Radio. Under Net Radio you can choose from Rhapsody, Pandora, Server, Net Radio and SXM. My question is how do I input my SXM account after the free trial is expired? We tried our Sirius Radio car account info and it will not connect.
Well, first you have to add a network streaming service to your account at SXM website. Your car account is only for satellite reception to the car. What you need to do is go create a new account for the network streaming service, you will have to provide the radio ID found in the Information menu to link the service to the radio. Once you have that set up go to the on screen menu, select Input, NetRadio, SXM press the up arrow. On this menu you must first delete the trial account then add a new account entering the streaming service account user name and password.
I believe the streaming service runs about 3 dollars a month.
I you have any question please give us a call and we can walk you through it.


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