On the 7th day of an AV Christmas, bring the magic of the movie theater home…

How can one capture the same “magic” as a trip to the movie theater? PROJECTORS

You can come very close with your own home theater projection setup. Of course, such units have been around for some time, but they were big, bulky, power hogs, and very, very, expensive; definitely out of reach for the average consumer.

However, as an outgrowth, in recent years, of the need for compact, affordable, portable multi-media projection units for use in business presentations, new technological developments in image processing have made this once out-of-reach option more affordable for use in home theater by more and more consumers.download (1)

Although there are high performance video projectors that are still out of reach for most consumers, there are now video projectors for the bargain hunter, with prices starting around $799 for basic high definition (720p) home theater projectors. There also a increasing number of 1080p-capable video projectors starting as low as $999.

In addition, with the advent of 3D, there are new breed of 3D-capable home theater video projectors that are affordable, starting in the $1,500 price range. With continued strides in compactness, quality, bulb life, brightness, and lower price points, the video projector in making definite inroads at both the retail and consumer level. However, keep in mind the additional cost for a screen, which, depending on the material and size, can end up being more than the projector.


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