Tips for Setting up Church, Classroom and Ministry Room Projectors

projectortable380We’re talking about Projectors the next few days.

Projectors have changed a lot in recent years, with increases in longevity through laser phosphor technologies, brightness, video quality, connectivity and more – all set against a backdrop of decreasing prices.  As more houses of worship, administrative buildings and parish schools look at the potential for upgrading classrooms and meeting rooms, there are many things to consider.  In this article, we’ll take a look at the “Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts” for projector installations, and discuss what product features make the most sense for your facility.

The Room

Rooms all have unique needs, depending on size, shape, lighting, windows, and seating capacity.  A good place to start is to look at the rooms you are planning to equip, and note the comparisons and differences you see.  For example, some rooms may have minimal or no windows while others may have lots of windows, which will impact brightness requirements.  Some rooms might have ceilings well suited to the mounting of a projector, while other ceilings may create mounting challenges.

Lighting may vary, and some rooms could have ceiling lights mounted directly above the location you want to place the screen.  If you are equipping multiple ministry rooms, try to list the rooms in groups based on similar characteristics and needs.  This will help you decide if one model or several models of projectors will be needed.  If there is a drop-ceiling, often extension columns can be affixed to the hard ceiling above the drop-ceiling to bring your projector to the perfect height of the ceiling tiles.

If there is electrical lighting shining directly down on the screen area, consider relocating a row of lights, or adding a power switch for that specific bank of lights.  While projectors are much, much brighter these days, it still makes for a better viewing experience with better image contrast if you can reduce ambient lighting in the area of the screen.

If the ceiling isn’t a true mounting location, short-throw projectors with special optics can be mounted on the wall immediately above the screen.  This is a nice option for ministry rooms because leaders don’t have to worry about blocking the projected image when they stand up front.  The light from the projector doesn’t get into the presenters’ eyes, and the presenter doesn’t create a shadow on the screen.

To be continued…


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