‘Transparent’ Video Wall Behind Samsung Truck Saves Lives on the Road

AV is Saving Lives

Drivers traveling behind Samsung trucks will be able to see the road ahead even though the truck is in the way.

Our partner, Samsung is hoping to save lives on the road with its latest idea: the company created a safety truck prototype that includes a wireless camera on the front and an LED four-panel video wall integrated into the back.

Vehicles traveling behind a truck with this technology will be able to see the road ahead, allowing them to pass the truck safely and without fear of a collision. Samsung is also prepared for nighttime driving, as the truck’s camera will still be able to deliver clear images in the dark.


6 Smart Home Gadgets for the Best Summer BBQ

Smart home gadgets for best BBQ: Open Air Cinema

With this Summer season entering into the home stretch, you’re probably thinking about spending a little time outside—um, right?

The sounds of the season (and the smells of the BBQ) may be calling your name, but charred meats alone don’t make the perfect party atmosphere. Instead, think about adding a few smart home gadgets to help you cook up the best summer gathering possible.

Of course, you could drag pricey speakers out to the pool or prop up your favorite flat-screen TV in the garden. However, gadgets and gear made for indoor play should really stay indoors. Otherwise, those burgers won’t be the only thing to get burned. There are many smart home gadgets that can not only inject some life into your party, but are also actually made for outdoor use.

Don’t rely on indoor equipment and your special potato salad to entertain the masses. Check out these six smart home gadgets for the best summer BBQ.

Smart home gadgets for best BBQ: Lynx SmartGrill

Lynx SmartGrill
Backed by the MyChef operating system, the SmartGrill can speak and interact with grillers, asking questions to help users determine how and what they’re cooking. Once you pick a recipe from the database, the SmartGrill will ignite and heat it to the optimal temperature. From there, it will walk you through the entire process, with audio and visual alerts and mobile notifications. Available in 30-, 36- and 42-inch sizes, it can even learn preferences, keeping track of when you add or subtract time from prepared meals. You can even enter and share your own recipes with other SmartGrill users. And just in case you get too excited once the meats are ready, you can also use the app to shut off the grill remotely. If you still manage to forget, the app will do it for you, if it doesn’t hear from you after about 30 minutes.

MSRP: $6,000 and $9,500
For More Information: Lynx

Smart home gadgets for best BBQ: MiPow PlayBulb Garden

MiPow PlayBulb Garden Outdoor Lighting
These outdoor fixtures are like a Philips hue system for your garden. The smart bulb can highlight flowers, shrubs and any other outdoor element. It can even deliver a dramatic flair to that space in the dark, by adding a bit of color into the equation. It works in conjunction with the PlayBulb X app for iOS and Android devices, so you can control color and lighting effects via a quick tap. Other features include bulb grouping, IP56 water protection, and a built-in light sensor for automatic use at night. Also worth noting is that these fixtures are solar powered, making each one just as green as all of those things in your garden.

MSRP: $29.99
For More Information: MiPow

Smart home gadgets for best BBQ: Denon Heos 1 with Go Pack

Denon Heos 1 & Go Pack
The HEOS 1 is Denon’s latest wireless speaker option—and it’s ready to party alone or you can use two as a stereo pair. This bi-amped two-way system has a custom active EQ and crossover, a two-channel Class D amplifier, DSP optimization, dual-band WiFi, MaxxAudio by Waves sound technologies, and more. It can crank out music from any device via the HEOS app and it’s humidity-resistant for even your sweatiest party. Add in the optional $99 HEOS 1 Go Pack for Bluetooth when WiFi isn’t available, a rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours on the go, and a splashguard for poolside playtime.

MSRP: $199
For More Information: Denon

Smart home gadgets for best BBQ: Solar Cooler

Solar Cooler
Forget soggy foods and warm beverages floating in a puddle of water. This device promises to keep everything cool for up to 24 hours, all via the power of the sun. Just charge up the solar panels on top of the cooler, stuff the 38-quart space with your favorite snacks and beverages, and enjoy! It boasts 42 degrees of frosty goodness, but can even go as low as zero, if you have the power available. Just don’t drain the battery too much. If you’ve got the juice, it can even charge your smartphone and other electronic goodies.

MSRP: $950 (pre-order price)
For More Information: Solar Cooler

Smart home gadgets for best BBQ: Grillbot

There’s nothing quite like grilling—or like cleaning up from grilling. Forget those floor-cleaning robots. This gadget is willing to take a funky ride on that BBQ grill and actually clean it! Just push one button and watch Grillbot go. It also has a CPU chip, an LCD alarm and timer, and cleaning brushes that can pop off and go right into the dishwasher.

MSRP: $129.95
For More Information: Grillbot

Smart home gadgets for best BBQ: Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema System
This instant setup has everything you’d need for a backyard movie night. That includes a projector, a Blu-ray player and speakers, as well as an inflatable screen that can be deflated and stored when not in use. There’s even a gaming system, which is packaged with a PlayStation 4. Screens are available in sizes ranging from 9 to 20 feet, with options for 720p and 1080p HD. Currently, the company sells four different residential packages, designed to accommodate between 30 and 500 “close” friends.

MSRP: $2,399 to $5,199
For More Information: Open Air Cinema

Cleaning Your Home AV Systems

home-theater-spring-cleaning-1If you own a Home Theater system you should have some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to this invested area of your home.

Screens – there are many types out there and of course that means many ways of cleaning them, the number one word of advice we can give you is Windex is a big no and secondly refer to the manufacture website as to what can be used to clean these screens.

Projectors – they do get dusty and the lamps from time to time can dim…Canned Air should not be used to clean the dust out; the cold air can freeze components of the projector and create a costly mistake.  A dry dust rag is all you should use to take the dust off your projector and regular maintenance from your technician will assist with keeping the light brilliant from your projection system.

Equipment Rack – The more dust that collects on this costly equipment the harder it has to work to keep from overheating.  Customers commonly ask if vacuums are ok to suck the dust out, while most home vacuums do have the odd soft brush attachment for the hose it can be a little intrusive and end up sending dust into the equipment instead of removal.  Dust feathers and/or a Swiffter® without any oils will do an “ok” job of keeping the dust off, but you may want to keep away from moving your equipment around, as this could put strain on your wires and loose connection.

Sound Proof walls , Furniture & Curtains – these all can be done with typical home vacuum, but if any spills occur contact a professional cleaner to come assess the situation.  Most home theaters have special carpet and curtains to assist with acoustics and typical carpet/drape cleaning solutions can bleach out or burn the fabrics.

The basic components of any home theater need regular love and attention on a quarterly basis…and should have dedicated time and attention.

A cost efficient solution is to ensure your system has a maintenance contract. Just imagine using your home theatre the way you intended it to…a way to lock yourself in for “clean” entertainment