4 Vital Considerations When Choosing a Home AV Integration Company


Since 2012 we have seen how all AV and communications manufacturers have geared their products toward being net-workable, making a strong, dependable and secure network a necessity more than a luxury.

As more American homeowners than ever before purchase high-end home entertainment, lighting control, whole home control and security systems, the need for competent, experienced and cost-effective integrators will increase. The residential electronic systems industry will realize a third straight year of growth in all categories especially the control/automated sector.

This year more products than ever will be automated, controlled and linked.

Quality and Value:

When upgrading your home technology systems it is important it is to select the correct AV integration company. A common mistake is to assume that going with the highest quote will give you the best system. Some companies tend to over specify jobs which can lead to unnecessary complications. Be sure to check into the experience and results of an integrator in offering the best value, but still delivering a system which works perfectly and is easy to use. It is important when comparing AV proposals to ensure you are comparing ‘apples with apples’.

Open Communication:

Home technology can seem confusing. Does the company you are considering  use complicated industry jargon when speaking with you. Or will they instead explain exactly what these systems can do for you. Of course you should ask as many questions as you like, so that you to feel comfortable with the system and the service.

Not Sales People but AV Consultants:

Does the company you are considering have a long-standing clients base with the majority of their business coming from recommendations? The best will consult with you and not try to “sell” you. After all your budget is your budget. With an investment in Home Entertainment and AV you’re probably going to be stuck with the solution you choose for a while. Make sure you are happy and understand all the bells and whistles!

Ease of use:

The first consideration should be “will this be easy for me and my family to use?” True consultants will keep this a top priority, from the planning stages to final system handover.  Also, be sure to ask if they use external programmers for any configuration and programming that needs to be accomplished. Many a customer has found themselves in a situation where the integrator they chose neglected to tell them about the exorbitant fees that will incur for making even a slight change to the system in the future.


The Tail-Gate Meeting

project-meeting1The importance of a pre-job briefing should not be under-estimated. Even in a small business where your resources are limited to two people.

A pre-job briefing (sometimes called a “tailgate meeting”) is a meeting which informs all workers of the job requirements. In particular a pre-job briefing is used to alert workers to potential safety hazards. A pre-job briefing need not be a formal gathering; however, it is mandatory that all workers involved attend, and worker attendance should be documented.

What Should Be Included?


rules require that a pre-job briefing discuss, at a minimum, the following issues:

Special precautions to be taken

Hazards associated with the job

Energy control procedures

Procedures and Policies

Personal Protective Equipment Note that the first letters of each of these bulleted items form the acronym SHEPP, which can be used to help remember the important issues that need to be discussed.Pre-job briefings should be proactive meetings in which workers are informally quizzed to make certain that they fully understand the safety issues that they will face.

When Should Pre-Job Briefings Be Held?

At the beginning of each shift

At the beginning of any new job

Any time that job conditions change

When new personnel are introduced to an ongoing job

The time you save because of this upfront time of communication is time well spent.

The Fight for Truth

In a culture where the mainstream news distorts with biased opinion world and more importantly, national events arises the need for the people to consider an alternative. Not just any alternative, but an alternative that will reach millions at less than the cost of some apartment rentals.

Enter:  APNetwork.TV ~

Our Vision: To provide the First National Online Television platform to those who work in local, state and national Government.

Our Mission: To build and operate the largest Online Political Television Network that is free to anyone who has access to the Internet.

Why All Politics TV?

All Politics TV is a revolutionary television service that uses your high-speed Internet to deliver online “On Demand” Political programs. Anyone, Anywhere can watch any of our programs, any time of day: For FREE.All-Politics-Logoxcf-672x165

44% of Americans say they went to the Internet or a mobile digital source for their news each day. All Politics TV will cater to this population of news seekers who go online for their political news with shows that inform and educate the public.

All Politics TV will provide shows from all political parties and all areas of Government.

For more information or if you have a drive and passion to get a message of truth in front of millions and combat the current state of the mainstream news outlets contact me


If the area of the business you want to measure cannot be measured statistically, then how will you know whether or not it is working? This seems like circular logic, but I often hear about “trusting your gut” as a measurable statistic. Needless to say, gut instinct does not belong in a sales metric management system. There needs to be a way to track the data easily and efficiently.

For example, if you wanted to track the number of outbound calls made by your sales team, but that data was not tracked anywhere, you would not be able to measure it. Thus, outbound calls would not be part of your sales metric management system as it is not measurable. Search for other data points that reflect performance that is measurable.

If you find that many of the areas you want to measure are not measurable, you may need to look at your CRM. It may need to be reconfigured or replaced altogether.

I wanted to share these with you this week…Cheers, To Your Success! Chris

The Most Underrated Leadership Skill

3fc6fba499-delegation_101“Influence”, “vision” and “service” are all important aspects of leadership, but equally important and often overlooked is delegation.

“Delegation doesn’t simply mean telling someone to perform a task. Delegation means trusting a team member by giving him an opportunity to use his strengths. Delegation frees up time so you can handles efforts that only you can do.”

Letting go and trusting your team with tasks you’ve always managed can be tough, but it is an important part of being a good leader.