“…By Height!”

153e50987b-6b253af25b307c732707be269bbfbbd1Thinking back to one of the great cult films of the 1980s…Caddyshack. There is a conversation between Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) and Judge Smails (Ted Knight) in the locker room after Ty has just finished a round of golf. Judge Smails asks Ty what he shot that day and Ty responds by telling the Judge that he doesn’t keep score. Puzzled, Judge Smails says, “How do you measure yourself with other golfers?” Ty responds by saying, “By height.”

Obviously, height doesn’t tell you anything about a golfer’s performance which is why that dialogue is humorous. Yet, there is nothing funny about a sales organization that is using meaningless, arbitrary data to assess the performance of their sales team. Even worse is if the only number tracked, measured, and monitored is revenue quota attainment.

There are four steps to identifying the metrics for inclusion in your sales metric management system.





I wanted to share these with you this week…Cheers, To Your Success! Chris


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