If the area of the business you want to measure cannot be measured statistically, then how will you know whether or not it is working? This seems like circular logic, but I often hear about “trusting your gut” as a measurable statistic. Needless to say, gut instinct does not belong in a sales metric management system. There needs to be a way to track the data easily and efficiently.

For example, if you wanted to track the number of outbound calls made by your sales team, but that data was not tracked anywhere, you would not be able to measure it. Thus, outbound calls would not be part of your sales metric management system as it is not measurable. Search for other data points that reflect performance that is measurable.

If you find that many of the areas you want to measure are not measurable, you may need to look at your CRM. It may need to be reconfigured or replaced altogether.

I wanted to share these with you this week…Cheers, To Your Success! Chris


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