The Fight for Truth

In a culture where the mainstream news distorts with biased opinion world and more importantly, national events arises the need for the people to consider an alternative. Not just any alternative, but an alternative that will reach millions at less than the cost of some apartment rentals.

Enter:  APNetwork.TV ~

Our Vision: To provide the First National Online Television platform to those who work in local, state and national Government.

Our Mission: To build and operate the largest Online Political Television Network that is free to anyone who has access to the Internet.

Why All Politics TV?

All Politics TV is a revolutionary television service that uses your high-speed Internet to deliver online “On Demand” Political programs. Anyone, Anywhere can watch any of our programs, any time of day: For FREE.All-Politics-Logoxcf-672x165

44% of Americans say they went to the Internet or a mobile digital source for their news each day. All Politics TV will cater to this population of news seekers who go online for their political news with shows that inform and educate the public.

All Politics TV will provide shows from all political parties and all areas of Government.

For more information or if you have a drive and passion to get a message of truth in front of millions and combat the current state of the mainstream news outlets contact me


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