The Tail-Gate Meeting

project-meeting1The importance of a pre-job briefing should not be under-estimated. Even in a small business where your resources are limited to two people.

A pre-job briefing (sometimes called a “tailgate meeting”) is a meeting which informs all workers of the job requirements. In particular a pre-job briefing is used to alert workers to potential safety hazards. A pre-job briefing need not be a formal gathering; however, it is mandatory that all workers involved attend, and worker attendance should be documented.

What Should Be Included?


rules require that a pre-job briefing discuss, at a minimum, the following issues:

Special precautions to be taken

Hazards associated with the job

Energy control procedures

Procedures and Policies

Personal Protective Equipment Note that the first letters of each of these bulleted items form the acronym SHEPP, which can be used to help remember the important issues that need to be discussed.Pre-job briefings should be proactive meetings in which workers are informally quizzed to make certain that they fully understand the safety issues that they will face.

When Should Pre-Job Briefings Be Held?

At the beginning of each shift

At the beginning of any new job

Any time that job conditions change

When new personnel are introduced to an ongoing job

The time you save because of this upfront time of communication is time well spent.


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