Key Issues: Streamline the judicial system and lower recidivism rate

Unified Communication (UC) solutions are used extensively in Justice services, including courts, corrections, probation and law enforcement. UC solutions create major benefits by reducing the amount of time it takes to handle cases and reducing costs and risks associated with transporting inmates between facilities.


Using Telejustice solutions for functions of investigation, arrest, prosecution and sentencing is made faster and more efficient. Witness interviews can be done from a remote location, or children can give testimony from a secure environment. Using mobile video conferencing applications with tablets, laptop computers and smart phones allows law enforcement officers to request remote judges issue needed warrants. This results in greater efficiency, time saved and cost avoidance for the justice process.

Lawyers use Televisitation to discuss cases with their clients without the need to meet in prison, but experience the effectiveness of life-like, in-person meetings. Televisitation allows families to speak with inmates without the cost and logistical effort to travel to facilities.

Telemedicine solutions allow specialist doctors to provide highly needed medical care – Primary Care, Mental Health, Infectious diseases – to inmates in over populated prisons.

Inmates prepare for a more successful re-entry into society and reduce the risk of recidivism, Tele-education is used to bring educators from colleges and campuses direct to inmates, to provide education, coaching and the necessary skills to re-start their lives.


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In Depth with Canon EOS Cameras-PART 5 of 6

In Part 5 of our six-part series on Canon Cinema EOS, David Leitner explores the wide variety of lens options that cinematographers enjoy for the C500, C300, C100, and 1D C cameras. There’s of course the universe of EF-mount lenses, not only DSLR but also Canon’s Cinema EOS primes and zooms. And PL versions of the C500 and C300 are compatible with Canon’s PL Cinema EOS zooms as well lenses from a broad range of third-party manufacturers such as Zeiss, Cooke, and Angenieux.

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We wanted to say hello and tell you things are going great! Foodie TV will be launching any day now…just working on finishing touches. Animalz TV will be launching April 14th. After that Sky Star TV and Christian TV…and then Our World TV…Once we get all 7 of those up and running we are going to start a Marketing & PR campaign. In the wings I we have Assets TV for businesses and an All Political Channel in the makings. If you have ever wanted to have your own TV Show, this is the real deal and is no lie.

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